Doug Flack

About Doug Flack

Doug combines scholarly and in-the-field knowledge in his lively and challenging presentations about farming and nutrient dense foods. Visit farm events and opportunities for upcoming events or organize your own event and invite Doug to speak.

"Doug's presentations focus on the principles of a healthy diet as defined by Weston A. Price and the relationship with biodynamic foods. He discusses how to feed your family with healthy, simple real foods...foods your grandparents would recognize! His workshops include information about nutrient dense foods and practical ideas for your kitchen toolkit. In his lectures on nutrition you will learn about healthy fats, grass-fed meats, soaked and sprouted grains and nuts, fermented vegetables and dairy, and bone broths."
Caroline Holman, formerly of the Burlington Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation: Nourishing Vermont

Foods for Wholeness
Wholeness is the full expression of our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual potential as persons, as members of families and larger social groups and as caretakers of the Earth with all its other life forms and their and our environments. We recognize it by its beauty. continued...

Local food, local health: What makes a healthy body and mind?
This talk introduces listeners to the fundamental, basic foods that are required for the development and maintenance of a truly healthy body and mind. A foods/ history/ human health timeline of about 212 years