Products & Services

PASTURE RAISED BEEF, grass-fed, raised on organic pasture, sold by cut and 50 lb box of mixed cuts. Call to order 802-933-7752.

PASTURE RAISED LAMB, grass-fed, raised on organic pasture, sold as whole lamb. Call to order 802-933-7752.

FERMENTED VEGETABLES, traditional method using salt (no vinegar). Sauerkraut, kimchi, and the Pink Lady, a cabbage. daikon radish and ginger mix are made seasonally from organic vegetables (ginger from Hawaii) and Celtic seasalt. Sold in natural food stores in central and northern Vermont and at the farm.

NOTES ON KEEPING OUR BOTTLED FERMENTED VEGETABLES IN YOUR REFRIGERATOR. Our products are alive with friendly and healthful bacteria. This is a raw food. It should be refrigerated. Vegetables in jar should always be covered with brine. Springtime brings secondary fermentation, microbes become active, stand back when you open jar because it might bubble over, best to open over bowl - pour back brine or drink.

PLANTS FOR HEALTH, fresh plant material is sold by weight, in orders of 1 lb to 10 lbs. We harvest throughout season guided by celetial calendar. Please visit our plant list.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES, nutritional lectures, traditional food preparation classes and tastings, lacto-fermentation classes , Raw Milk Theater, community farming, internships; opportunities abound.