Where to purchase our fermented vegetables:

In natural food stores throughout central and northern Vermont, including:
Barnard -CKiss the Cow
Burlington - City Market Downtown and the new City Market South on Flynn Avenue
Craftsbury - Craftsbury General Store
Enosburg Falls - Wood Meadow Market
Essex - Sweet Clover Market
Hardwick - Buffalo Mountain Coop
Johnson - Sterling Market
Middlebury - Middlebury Natural Foods Coop
Montpelier - Hunger Mountain Coop
Morrisville - MOCO, Morrisville Coop, Apple Tree Natural Foods Market, Riverbend Gas Station
Newport - Newport Natural Foods
Richmond - Richmond Market
Rutland - Rutland Natural Foods Coop
St. Albans - Rail City Market, As the Crow Flies
Shelburne - Shelburne Supermarket
Stowe - Commodities Natural
South Burlington - Healthy Living
South Royalton - South Royalton Market
Troy - Brault's Meat Market
Waterbury -Sunflower Market, Pete's Greens, Waterbury Village Market
West Glover - Parker Pie
Williston - Natural Provisions
Winooski - Commodities

The Great Northern Restaurant, Pine Street, Burlington
City Market sandwich deli
Healthy Living, buffet, South Burlington
Magnolia, Burlington

PURCHASE HERE AT FARM, call to set up time to shop.